Trigger time was not within choose this isn’t so long

Trigger time was not within choose this isn’t so long

This new Kynges Helmet is stayned With the red Blvde out of bothe The brand new Prynce and also the Moor; Today, it is Love’s Lvst that maketh Charles svffer greater Payne Than Hys bodilie Woundes

Offered transations: Charles Martel (Carlo Martello ritorna dalla battaglia di Poitiers) Rosemouth (Bocca di rosa, Regularity 1) Tito’s Commonly (Il testamento di Tito, Los angeles buona istade (Disamistade, Comic strip Salvage) Wolftail (Coda di lupo, Rimini) Talking about the fresh new shipwreck regarding London Valour Passers-of the (Le passanti, Canzoni) Hail so you’re able to thee, the (Collaborazioni, Toubaires dei comboscuro) Dad’s tune (La canzone del padre, Storia di united nations impiegato) Girls regarding the narrow’s lane (Through del campo, Volume 1) Amore che vieni amore che vai S’i fosse foco Los angeles canzone dell’amore perduto Los angeles stagione del tuo amore

Lso are Carlo tornava dalla guerra lo accoglie la sua terra cingendolo d’allor al sol della calda primavera lampeggia l’armatura del sire vincitor

This is basically the translation out of “Carlo Martello” done-by Riccardo Venturi () and you will published matchbox dating website into Italian Newsgroup dedicated to Fabrizio De Andr�. Brand new German utilized in the initial song is actually a highly old-build and you can Riccardo does have made an effort to give you to definitely tip and additionally within the English. Right here I’ve just entered the Italian variation to possess an easy listening and you may knowing. _________________________________ Da: Riccardo Venturi Oggetto: De Andr� within the inglese (2) Data: marted� 5 ottobre 1999 _______________________________

Kynge Charles are toward Hys Ways backe from Battle, His Countree welcometh Hym Wreathynge Hym with Laurel, Within very warme out-of Springes The new braue Victor’s Armowr Doth shyne on Svn.

il sangue del principe del Moro arrossano il ciniero d’identico colour ma pi� che del corpo ce ferite da Carlo boy sentite le bramosie d’amor

“se ansia di gloria elizabeth sete d’onore spegne la guerra al vincitore non ti concede us momento for every single food all’amore chi poi impone alla sposa soave di castit� los angeles cintura from inside the me grave inside the battaglia pu� correre il rischio di perder la chiave”

“Alas! Conflict doth satisfy brand new Winner’s Thyrste out of Fame And you can doth appease Hys Longyng to possess Honowre, But really The guy hath noe fuckynge Chaunce off makynge Loue, Upcoming, he just who imposeth the latest Chastitie Belte Towards Hys swete Spovse, he may better rvn the latest Riske Regarding loosynge brand new Keye when the battle is ragyng!”

cos� au moment ou lamenta il Re cristiano s’inchina intorno il grano gli son corona i fior lo specchi di chiara fontanella riflette fiero in the sella dei Mori il vincitor

Thvs is complainyng the fresh Religious Kynge, Encirclyd bye swete Plants Whyle wheat boweth in the Hym; New Echo out of an obvious Sprynge regarding Liquid Reflecteth the new Prowd Winner Better saddlyd toward Horsses Right back.

Quand’ecco nell’acqua si compone mirabile visione il simbolo d’amor nel folto di lunghe trecce bionde il seno lorsque confonde ignudo within the pieno sol

So suddenlie doth appeare within the water A wonderfvlle Ymage, Lyke symbolic of Loue, Betwyxte the girl longe, fayre Braydes Their naked Breastes manage bothe Shyne from the warme Svn.

“Mai low fu panorama cosa pi� bella mai io non colsi siffatta pulzella” disse Re also Carlo scendendo veloce di sella “De’ cavaliere non v’accostate gi� d’altri � gaudio quel che cercate offer altra pi� facile fonte la sete calmate”

“No fayrer Ymage haue We neuer sene! Noewhere is svch an excellent fayre maiden in order to bee met!” Saide Kyng Charles dismountyng qvicke fro’s Steed; “Ye prowde Knyghte, We warne Ye! An other Guy doth enjoye mine Beautie. Ye shoude satisfy Yowre Thyrste so you can a keen easyer Sprynge!”

Sorpreso da us terrible s� deciso sentendosi deriso Re also Carlo s’arrest� ma pi� dell’onor pot� il digiuno fremente l’elmo bruno il sire si lev�

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