Great place to meet new people but be

Great place to meet new people but be

The bane of all internet and forum users again are the site admin and moderators. Who like to keep the forums within a limited ‘woke’ bandwidth. So most threads are just a roll out of statements with little or no interaction. For fear of receiving a ban by the mods. So think how you act in a shifty, stressful workplace, well you get the idea. Fearfull and wary.

Oddly though the mods allow the main topics of contention, which are, race, bareback, cheating/adultery, hetero single men, to develop into very unpleasant arguments. This is moral usurpation, it simply deepens people’s prejudice and discrimination under the wording of ‘preference’. I think the mods either don’t see this or actively allow it’s development. So invariably, long after the real damage is done a thread is shut down.

It would be easy to invest yourself into committing to finding a solution via a site like this. But for single men it’s not good. Many post threads questioning their purpose on joining, hoping for an improvement. It’s unlikely. You are simply on the hamster wheel.

The site may claim to have a zero policy to sex workers. But why, and to what effect? Nobody needs to. The sex workers pose as swingers, but quickly reveal themselves in private. There is no advertising or soliciting in public. This is common practise on any adult/dating site.

For no cost or little thereof, it’s as good as it can be to represent and cater for an exclusive niche of society. It’s layout and operability is old school. Some people experience upset via payments. Some people feel discriminated by its actions. For free you have to expect basic results across the spectrum of a web site.

I have been a member for 5 hours

I have been a member since this morning, paying the fee. I have now been locked out for not being photo verified – but I AM!! Why the hell did you take my money?! Somebody please help as there is no way to contact any customer support.

Being on the site for more than 3…

Being on the site for more than 3 years. I can honestly say that this is a great site to meet people regardless of your gender and sexual orientation. Yes there are lots of time wasters and picture hunters, but its not the fault of the site, but the fault of the people. Its free to use, and as a free member, you can do most things, such as sending messages and arrange for a date. And at ?5 for 50 days, its the cheapest dating site I have ever seen. Overall 5/5 if you are looking for some sexy moment in your life.

Not sure what everyone’s complaining about.

Not sure what everyone’s complaining about. Yes, the site is outdated. So what? It is supposed to work and it does. In our opinion it is pretty much one of the best options out there. If you weren’t lucky check out Swingers69. Works pretty good as well.

This site is full of racists

This site is full of racists, and if you report it you get banned. How can you put no blacks or Asians and the site moderates don’t do anything. Just collecting enough information so I can sue them.

Outdated, lots of fakes

Only great feature is that you can see who’s nearby, otherwise outdated site with lot’s of fake profiles. If gangbang or dogging meet is arranged through fab, then 1 out of 5 will actually turn up- that’s from experience. Must have video call feature and better verification process, maybe then will survive.

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