I think maybe if he liked you he would have told you straight up after you told him

I think maybe if he liked you he would have told you straight up after you told him

i dont really know now. we’re still friends. but my feelings for him is really getting stronger and it’s driving me crazy that i dont know what he really feels. it’s breaking my heart..

I hope i helped

Maybe he put it off cause he was in a rush and needed to take a longer time to tell you he also liked you. If you have his number ask him about the topic through a text or call. Or if you see him often then you can ask him then. If he doesn’t like you just remember there are other fish in the sea and you had a lot of confidence to tell him you liked him (I would never do that).

I have seen a guy at a funeral. he is my friend’s cousin. he is a shy guy though he is a personal trainer at a gum. I was serving tea and coffee at the men’s side according to our culture. every time I go and serve men including him, he lift up his eyelids to have a look at me stealthily. I have noticed it but did not make him feel this. at the end of the funeral, he was next to his uncle and both thanked me with a smile for doing this big service. he was lifting up his eyes to talk to me as they were looking down. I am not sure of this way of looking whether he is fond of me or by nature this is how he talks to people? this is the first time I see him. I was advised he is not married but may be in the past he was married then is divorced the reason that made him act that way? this happened at the end of November and till now I have not seen him again. do u think he is not interested or may be his past experience (if any) is stopping him from.taking any step? do I gave to start conversation with him via FB? please advise me. R. G.

My boyfriend and I had been together for months now, every seems OK, but i feel way down inside that something is just not right but i cant get my hands on it. To a point he really show most of the signs that he is really into me, but sometime its like he just don’t care about me. I am a bit confused. what do i do?

Instead, he put it off and hasn’t mentioned it since this could be a sign he’s really not into you

actually I don’t know how to say, mmm my friend introduced me to his boyfriend so the boyfriend has a cousin, whom I came to like. but he wasn’t in to me and I left the situation at hand and I moved on since its like he never liked me. I met different men and there was no success in any of them. after one year since we are close with the my friend and her boyfriend so we met again with him. and actually we talked for like two days continuously and I was waiting for him to be mute as always. because when we meet he remembers I do exist, but now he is calling me several times knowing my way about and he has been taking me to dinner and back then sometimes he looses my contacts and he forgets. so he got my contacts again when my friend with his boyfriend went to the his office and he kinda remembered me and he actually asked for my contacts since he’s phone was like not good it was loosing contacts lol, he called me and I was shocked why is this dude calling me.. lol I picked up the phone and he www.besthookupwebsites.org/mytranssexualdate-review/ told me we meet and it’s that we are good friends. what I don’t understand is when we go out together he never utters a word how he feels about me and I get confused, he never calls me to tell me how he misses me and I wonder what am I doing with this guy, no mutual feeling and if I was to date another person I see no harm coz I have never heard from him he’s intention towards me. I wonder if he is interested with me.

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