Now you should continue with these long contractions, but don’t squeeze the muscles as hard

Now you should continue with these long contractions, but don’t squeeze the muscles as hard

#1 – The “Tug Of War” Technique This prostate milking technique is all about forcing the muscles in and around your anus to spasm, leading to involuntary muscle spasms which cause a chain reaction that you cannot stop once it starts.

Repeat this approximately 20 times. After a while, these muscles will start to get tired and you’ll feel that they start to “wobble” as they spasm on their own.

With the Aneros sex toy comfortably inside you, contract your sphincter and PC muscles, holding them for around 7-8 seconds before releasing them again

Instead gently contract the muscles at around 40-50% their maximum amount, holding them there was as long as you can before relaxing and starting again. With any luck, this will start escort service Greensboro to cause involuntary spasms from both your sphincter muscles and PC muscles.

Keep gently contracting these muscles at 40-50% and holding them there until you get to a stage where your body will take over and do all the spasming for you. If you get to this point, you start to feel extreme pleasure radiating throughout your body, extending to your penis, anus, and down your legs to your feet.

Now you’re on the road to a “super O” male orgasm. Relax and accept the new sensations that are occurring inside your body. If the sensations die down, gently contract the muscles and hold them in place again until the sensations return.

With the Aneros sex toy sitting comfortably inside your ass, relax your body and think erotic thoughts to get you into a sensual mood

Do not assume that tighter contractions lead to bigger orgasms – it’s all about gently coaxing your body into involuntary orgasms that build… and build… and build. DO NOT force it – just let your body take you on this magical erotic journey.

#2 – The “Do Nothing” Technique Yes, you heard that right… the “do nothing” technique. This technique is best for people who are experienced in the art of anal G-spot stimulation, as it requires a lot of focusing, meditation, relaxing, and arousal.

Make sure that you’re in a comfortable environment with no distractions and ensure that you can relax and fully concentrate on your anal play session. Breathe slowly and deeply, staying mindful of your breathing and how the sensation of moving your chest in and out gently affects the toy inside your ass.

Now start to concentrate on the sensation of the Aneros toy inside your ass. Feel it inside you and allow its warmth to radiate throughout the surrounding muscles. When you have a foreign object inside your ass, your body naturally wants to tense its muscles up, even very slightly. This process is all about accepting the Aneros as a new part of you and allowing your bottom to fully relax around it and accept it.

While concentrating on the sensation of the toy in your ass, try increasing your arousal by playing with your nipples, talking dirty to yourself, and imagining erotic thoughts. The is very much a “mind over matter” technique – the more “turned on” and erotic you feel, the more likely your prostate is to “wake up” and cause pleasurable sensations.

After a while (often 30 minutes or more) of relaxing and turning yourself on, you may start to feel some involuntary trembling from inside your ass. This is the muscles around the prostate toy starting to tremble and spasm. Do not tense up or fight this feeling – go with it and allow it to continue.

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