One would be helping out the needy and earning rewards and duaas in return

One would be helping out the needy and earning rewards and duaas in return


personal loans after chapter 7

Living in a world that seems to be driven by interest, Iana is a refreshing organization that is aiding Muslims by providing them interest-free loans. It is very important for us, as Muslims, to support organizations such as Iana, as they are not only helping benefit us in this dunya (worldly life), but insha’Allah in the akhira (hereafter) as well.

Trying to stay away from interest-bearing loans myself, I was referred to Iana by a friend and am very relieved that such an organization exists

Iana Financial has been instrumental in allowing me to keep my personal values and beliefs while attaining my education. Before Iana, it was difficult to find ways to finance my education as I would have to find a way to pay back student loans before accumulating interest. Thanks to opportunities like this I am able to pursue my goals without compromising my beliefs.

Iana has been an incredible mercy to me. I had been trying to pursue my studies for months, but was not in a financial position to pay out of pocket. It was truly a godsend that I could take an interest-free loan and agree on a payment schedule that worked for me. In my dealings with Iana, I have admired their spirit of generosity, but also their sense of accountability. It is clear to me that they hold themselves to the highest standards. I hope to be able to contribute to the organization in the future, as their work is unique and sorely needed. May Allah Most High reward them with immense good for their efforts. Ameen.

I have been blessed to come across Iana, a unique organization that offers interest free loans. I was in serious need of this support and was actively searching for it, not sure if such an initiative existed. I was even more blessed with the tremendous support from the brothers and sisters volunteering for this organization. Explaining my situation and why I needed the money to complete my studies as an international pharmacist here in Canada, the team was compassionate but also professional. After completion of the application process including all the needed supporting documents and an interview, I signed a contract and was granted $11,000. Alhamdulillah, I finished my studies, became licensed as a pharmacist, started working, and was committed to pay back my debt and return the favour. I paid back the loan sooner than planned and proceeded to donate to Iana to help other brothers and sisters who e situation I went through especially people committed to living interest-free, to please Allah ?.

I believe people should support Iana as a way to invest in the ummah, to empower current and future generations to be proactive and productive for themselves, their families, the ummah, and society at large. I’m continuing to support Iana with whatever small means I can, because I believe this is a form of sadaqah jariyah (continuous charity) insha’Allah. I encourage you to support Iana and to encourage everyone to also apply and to support. Let’s share the barakah (blessings) insha’Allah! Jazakum Allah kheir, may Allah reward you with goodness.

We desire success for ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities, and we see education as a means to that success. For too long, we have failed to provide an avenue for students to undertake their education without compromising their morality and afterlife. Iana is fulfilling a community obligation by helping Muslims both locally and internationally pay for their studies and stay out of sinful dealings and that is true success. May Allah continue to bless this effort and all those who help it in any way.

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