This was done-by Leone about piazza of your palace which have a cycle and you will an enthusiastic arrow

This was done-by Leone about piazza of your palace which have a cycle and you will an enthusiastic arrow

Callias off Rhodes, Epimachus the fresh Athenian, Diogenes, an excellent philosopher, regarding Rhodes, Calcedonius out-of Thrace, Febar off Controls, Callimachus new designer, a king out-of fires. [Footnote: Callias, Designer out of Aradus, stated by the Vitruvius (X, 16, 5).–Epimachus, out-of Athens, formulated a great battering-enginee for Demetrius Poliorketes (Vitruvius X Newark escort, 16, 4).–Callimachus, the brand new inventor of your Corinthian financing (Vitr. IV, I, 9), as well as the process off terrifically boring ous to possess his casts inside the tan (Plin. XXXIV, 8, 19). He formulated a light towards temple from Athene Polias, to the Acropolis out of Athens (Paus. ]

. at the Pistoja, Fioravante di Domenico at the Florence was my personal most beloved friend, as though the guy was indeed my [brother]. [Footnote: On a single piece ‘s the text Zero. 663.]

The major horse regarding Cermonino, of Signor Giulio. [Footnote: Compare Nos. 1522 and you will 1517. Caterina appears to have been his housekeeper.]

We, twenty-six, 7)–The other labels, here stated, cannot be known

Any one who uses you to ducat usually takes the fresh instrument; and he doesn’t pay more than half a good ducat once the a paid to your maker of means and one grosso into the workman yearly. Really don’t require sub-authorities. [Footnote: Refers maybe with the controls of the water regarding rivers.]

Works out of . of stable of Galeazzo; by the road off Brera [Footnote cuatro: Brera, look for No. 1448, II, 13]; benefice out of Stanghe [Footnote 5:Stanghe, select No. 1509.]; benefice off Porta Nuova; benefice off Monza; Indaco’s mistake; promote earliest the newest benefices; then your performs; then ingratitude, indignity and you will lamentations.

A great nun life from the La Colomba at Cremona; she work an effective straw plait, and you can a beneficial friar regarding Saint Francis. [Footnote: _Los angeles Colomba_ is to try to this very day the name away from a small household within Cremona, adorned having frescoes.]

Giuliano Trombetta,–Antonio di Ferrara, –Petroleum away from . [Footnote: Near this text ‘s the design off a mind drawn in purple chalk.]

An excellent perch consists of 1936 square braccia, otherwise 1944

Offer the learn brand new exemplory instance of a captain who would not himself earn this new victory, nevertheless troops would by the their counsels; and therefore he nevertheless is really worth the newest award.

Giovannina, possess a good face,–was at Santa Caterina, during the Healthcare. [Footnote: Compare what on a single webpage: No. 667.]

They gets in 7 1/dos braccia in your house away from Mariolo. [Footnote: In this post and therefore which face they, MS.I2 7la, are two diagrams that have several reference number, plainly relating to the sized a street.]

Paolo said that no server you to definitely moves several other . [Footnote: This new passageway, at which the beginning is here provided, works together with issues when you look at the aspects. The occasions in which Leonardo rates the fresh new viewpoints from their contemporaries toward scientific matters are uncommon as to become value noticingpare No. 901. ]

Caravaggio. [Footnote: _Caravaggio_, a village near-by new Adda anywhere between Milan and you may Brescia, in which Polidoro and you can Michelangelo weil Caravaggio was in fact created. That it notice is offered in the facsimile into Pl. XIII, Zero. I (above, left). To the Pl. XIII, Zero. 2 more than off to the right we comprehend _cerovazo_.]

Near to Cordusio was Dock Antonio da Tossano along with his aunt Serafino. [Footnote: It mention is created anywhere between outlines 23 and you will 24 of the text Zero. 710. Corduso, Cordusio (_curia ducis_) = Cordus on the Milanese dialect, ‘s the name of a beneficial Piazza involving the Via del Broletto additionally the Piazza de’ Mercanti on Milan.. Throughout the time of il Moro it was new center off the metropolis. Brand new persons here named was basically members of the newest good Milanese family members de’Fossani; Ambrogio da Possano, the modern-day painter, didn’t come with contact with him or her.]

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