First of all, I am very sorry for this long break of Journals

First of all, I am very sorry for this long break of Journals

I didn’t forget you, but during the time FA was down I had my last days at work and after that I was in vacation ^.=.^ Now I am back and I hope to get some Journals done again

How was your time without the Journals? Did you miss them? Did you have a great firework at Silvester? And good presents at Christmas? You know I am always curious 😀

When it is their turn, I post them in one of these Journals. So if you want to get on the waiting list, just click on the form you like and comment in that Journal

Who are your best friends? serena She’s been my Wingsister since high school. .-.> The best way to find me is basically in the fandom. :/

Your favorite sentence to say? I. don’t think I have a favourite sentence. D: I do say “what,” “huh” and “why” a lot though.

And here is our first romantic dating dragon of the year varon : Name- Varon Age- 22 on the 27th of July Gender- Male Orientation-Bisexual, unsure of preference Interests- Camping, photography, talking, games, reading, learning

Other information you want to tell us about you: My dragonself shares disabilities like me (but not exactly the same disabilities). She’s not at all a very good flier (due to lack of hind wings that her native dragonkin have), but she certainly tries her best. And she likes water, but is unable to swim. She may also act a bit more feral than her dragonkin, due to being part wyvern, but she is friendly and kind. She is unable to breathe fire or any sort of elemental breath attack, due to her mixed blood. 🙂

Where can we find you outside the fandom? – Skype. that’s pretty much it, unless you somehow secretly found out where I live and place a camera in my home

Other information you want to tell us about you: – I am a maned ice dragon, I breath and manipulate ice. I can focus my energy on the moisture in the air and use it to form objects of any nature out of Ice. I am shy, but very open minded. I like meeting new people whenever I get the chance.

Number 3: Ninjawolf902 What’s your name?: Aster Knights How old are you?: 19. About to be 20 in a few months Where do you come from?: Listeria- my home world (RL:CT, USA) How do you look like?: (White hair and that’s a hoodie) What are your hobbies?: Writing, Drawing, Gaming, Casting Spells Who are your best friends?: Where can we find you outside the fandome?: Depends if I want to or not Who are your favorite artists?: Your favorite sentence to say?: “Would you please stop!? I’m working on my bloody mana potions!” Other information you want to tell us about you: I’m a mage who can cast mostly Elemental Magic and use healing magic as well. I’m quiet sort of dragon and sometimes shy. And I’m also a Mass Effect and Dragon Age fanboy. >///>

For all those who are new to this group: I try to create a Journal every week to show some of our dragon members They filled our a Dragon Form and/or a Dating Form

I always find it tough to describe myself. I’m an avid photographer, and really enjoy playing games on the surface. I can be very shy in person at first, but I’m more open to speaking over an IM or through emails. Once you’ve gotten to know me though, I become an open book. Deeper down, I’m more of a simple guy who isn’t high maintenance. I keep myself clean, like to live in a reasonably clean environment, and enjoy being outside doing either lawnwork or camping. I also really enjoy to cook. I’m the type of person who would rather take care of someone and protect them, but could just as easily accept the protection. I can be self sufficient, but if I can have company, I will gladly welcome it.

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