You came over after I called you to see if anything was wrong

You came over after I called you to see if anything was wrong

Harry grabs my shoulders, urging me to look into his eyes that have now shifted from a comfortable hazel to a shifty dark brown

“Heres your shirt.” He tosses me the cropped white shirt and I slide it over my head, combing my hair with my sticky fingers afterwards. I slide on my leggings after turning them inside out from the state they were in just as footsteps begin marching up the stairs.

“I was feeling sick so I didnt go to the studio. We didnt have sex, we didnt do anything. Youre just here as my medical staff. Okay?” He grabs my wrist and pulls me towards the bed. I try to process the story he had just made up to trick his girlfriend, the girl that he loves.

He grew increasingly anxious. I watched him as he tried to steady his rapidly beating heartbeat, remembering the manner in which he spoke to me.

It was then that I realized this wasnt any sort of connection. It was when he was in a position of choosing between me and her that I noticed the hint of panic across his face, the unwillingness to possibly screw up his relationship with her. I realized that I had always been chasing him, someone who was still too in love with the girl he was willing to disrespect me for. It was then I realized I was, in fact, nothing more than a staff to him. Nothing more than someone to keep him company and sleep with him.

My mascara was smudged under my eyes, so I gently swiped at my undereyes, ridding the salty bits of dried tear stains from my dark bags.

“Y/n?” He whispers as the footsteps approach the door. All of a sudden theres hope in his eyes, the hope that I will lie for him and allow him to continue playing the both of us.

“I dont want to lose what we have.” He grabs my hand tenderly, his mood changing again as he attempts to seductively coerce me into lying for him.

Wiping away the tears that threaten to fall, I remove my hand from his grip. He stares at me in sorrow. Pitiful.

Im going to sit on the bed, youre going to say that I had to take off my shirt so you could check my vitals

Yet, I cant seem to feel anger towards him. So when the door to the master bedroom opens and his girlfriend walks in in her high heels and expensive makeup, I move my hands up to his neck and pretend to examine him for difficulties.

“Youre just here as my medical staff. Okay?” He whispers discreetly. He keeps his voice low in case she overhears him speaking to me.

“Harry, I dont think theres anything wrong. Just get some rest, drink some tea, and you should be fine.” I lie.

“Awww baby, are you sick?” She walks towards him, wrapping her arms around his shirtless frame and pulling him in for a greeting kiss.

Its like a pang to my chest as I watch their lips lock. He keeps his eyes open, glancing at me briefly as I manage to wipe another tear away.

“Thank you, y/n.” I know he means for helping him cover up the affair weve held for so long. But as I nod and walk away from the happy couple, I think of how deeply I never want to return to him again, no matter how much he feels like home.

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